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Recent trends have shown that the performance of the Nigerian property market and the economic emergence from recession is being driven principally by the easing of inflationary pressure, improvement of foreign exchange liquidity, improved investment inflows and increased oil production in Nigeria.

This positive outlook has led to a sectorial growth in the overall performance of the premium real estate business. Hence it has made it highly imperative for buyers and sellers of premium residential and commercial real estate in an economy resurging from recession to approach it intelligently by asking the right questions that fosters making the right choices.

In Nigeria, buying or selling a home can be complex and time-consuming. As an investor, before you make the ‘big decision’ about which property to buy, which home loan to select, or which agent you engage to sell your home as a developer, you have other important decisions to make. You are more likely to make the right choices and avoid expensive mistakes by Asking the Right Questions – Doing your Research.

First of all, know what you want. And you can achieve this by making a list of all the essential features you require in your property. Then write a separate wish list of desired but non-essential characteristics, to factor into your decision making when you find them in a property you can afford. From the Legal title documents, to the Developer’s Build Quality and Building Permits, even to the nitty-gritty details around the plumbing system, the soil integrity test and the electrification of the house, asking the right questions will surely help you make the right choices.

Yes, we know how complex it can be to curate and analyse the right data for informed decision making in Nigeria, hence we at Ambicorp Real Estate have positioned ourselves to be your TRUSTED PROPERTY ACQUSITION & SALES PARTNER all through the Transaction Journey. Therefore, we can help you

Research the market value of property

Educate you on the economy and its impact of the property market

Analyse several industry events and happenings, host investors conference and monitor real estate trends & market performance results.

These are times when property enthusiasts need the right education about the products and services offered by suppliers, legal practitioners, surveyors, buyer’s advocates, mortgage brokers and lenders and data driven insights; and you can get all this from our intelligent real estate expert advice services which over the years has proven to be an  excellent source of information.



Experience  and research over the years led to this article, It should known that successful business people didn’t jump into success overnight but took a conscious effort to grow steadily in Business.  Business guides or a piece of Business advice for someone in America or China may not exactly work for someone in Algeria or Nigeria, Putting this in Perspective, entrepreneurs and dynamic business enthusiasts the world over study their market and their government policies and itemize all to structure a workable business strategy.

Be that as it may, Experts argued that there are profound and universal business tips that obtain in every clime, especially those relating to the basics and relationships between clients and product/service providers.

This article seems to underline these baseline tips necessary for a business to be successful.

  1. Plan your Day Before it starts

Take a few Minutes the night before and plan your top priorities for the following day, Attack those things first and seriously not minding other things competing for attention.

  1. Write Valuable blog Content

Anita Clark advised that blogging in today times is a top priority,
As an entrepreneur or a real estate Agent in Nigeria you should know that The more quality content you publish improves your visibility, trust, and the better chance you have to be seen by buyers and sellers.

You can find out about ways to Invest in Real Estate Business in Nigeria here:

  1. Invest in a Great Website

This is a no-brainier, The quality of website you develop gives people the assurance that you truly are into business, Spend time and money to get a good website done, with good description of your services, your team and be honest about what you can do.

  1. Network and Socialize Daily

Socialize with other people, throw parties, do things that bring people together, attend gatherings and find a way to mix up with the people, give people reasons to retain your contact, relationship is the currency of business

  1. Give to Get

In your line of business, or as a realtor, promote other brands, re-tweet their tweets, share their Facebook posts, and make them believe you support their business, then certainly same may want to follow you back in sympathy and share your brands as well.

  1. Put Clients Need first

This is one area most Nigerian Business people get wrong, at the start of a business, they will value their clients so well, but when they have gained ground, love and respect for even new clients begin to diminish, you may not be able to maintain all clients but you can’t afford to lose one, the advice is to prioritize the need of your clients at all times, Remember they say customers are always right..

  1. Stay up on Social Media

social media seems to be a direct gift from God, utilize the efficacy of the social media to drive sales and brand awareness, If you can’t do it on your own, you would need to employ a dedicated professional to handle your handles, and make sure you understand why you need to do this.

  1. Respond Quickly to Leads

Pay attention to every comment, and new leads, no matter how it sounds, respond quickly and professionally.